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Chelsea!!!! Keep Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole!!!

I just started a petition on my one and only Blues. Please sign it, show your support for the Blues! Petition by iPetitions It was one thing to lose Robbie, but is is quite another to lose both Lamps and Cole at the same time!!!

President Obama and Michelle Obama, everyday people...

In my opinion, the selection of President Obama as Time's Person of the Year is right on point. At one point during the 2012 campaign, I was quite honestly worried he might not win re-election. This was one real tough election and he pulled off something special and rather remarkable. Anyhow I digress...

It appears every presidential election cycle, there is always a specific question that comes up, asked by the media / pollsters. This is of course about the candidates running to be president. That question typically is: Who would you most like to have a beer with? In other words, who do you think is really an everyday person just like you?

A time to reflect: But what shall we do?

Like so many people out there, the last couple of days have been tough. Then I hit Google+ and saw how ferociously some already came out to repeat the same old mantra, Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Quite true, but that is not the entire story is it? I had some other thoughts on this also.

As I drove home one day last week listening to the news on the tragedy, in addition to the update in the shooting, there was also a report on Obama probably nominating John Kerry for Secretary of State and potentially Chuck Hagel for Secretary for Defense.

Man Sues Wife—and Wins!—For Birthing Ugly Baby

This sounds like fiction... nope it is not! From the first to know site I stumbled upon...

Man Sues Wife—and Wins!—For Birthing Ugly Baby
by Liza
So, here’s the scenario: Attractive man from northern China meets attractive woman and they marry. All is well until attractive woman gives birth to a baby girl her husband finds so repulsive to look at he’s convinced his wife’s genes are responsible for the ugly baby. So, he files for divorce on the grounds of “false pretences” and wins a six-figure fine from her, the result of his lawsuit.

Our next summer vacation trip...? You guessed it, Colorado here we come!!!

“We won! We won!” supporters cried as the results were splashed across a giant screen.

Read more: Coloradans say yes to recreational use of marijuana - The Denver Post

Damn right you did!!! I plan to address this issue in depth at a later date. For now, it is time to start making some new vacation plans!!!

Getting out the vote in battleground Virginia

As a Virginia resident, the last few days have been absolutely off the hook when to comes to the 2012 election cycle. In the last week, during advertisement breaks on television programs, we Virginia residents have been subject to a constant revolving barrage of political advertisements by Obama, Romney, Kaine, Allen and most certainly the super PAC's. If something is not done about the Citizens United court decision, politicking in this country will certainly go downhill. We have watched adverts featuring "energy voters" and all sorts.

In the last week, it got to a point during advertisement breaks, at least 80% of all the advertisements were political adverts leaving time for only one, two or three spots for regular (annoying) advertising, unless like me you switched to the Food Network,  which got political adverts, but a much lower percentage! If one was really seeking a complete advert shut out then you witch to Al Jazera...! We have gotten calls from Obama for Am…

Tech Friday: Samsung outdoes Apple 2-to-1 in smartphones; Nokia falters

Check this out from C-Net

In the third quarter,Samsung ships 56 million smartphones worldwide, as Apple cranks out 27 million. Nokia, meanwhile, drops out of the top five.

A Google Nexus retail store coming soon to a mall near you??

So I am in my prediction mode on this.
Is the Google event slated for next week the opening of a new chapter for Google? 
The event is rumored to announce the release of no less than three additional Google Nexus products. A phone an two tablets. Some rumors indicate that one or two additional devices might also be announced. So this got me thinking. 
Consider the event next week and some other Google activities recently. Like...the Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility, and even with that we have seen Motorola release an array of great new smartphones. Currently the Driod Razr M, HD and Maxx HD are out. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus came out a few months ago, as well. Then you throw in Google docs and Google's Chrome books. What does this all mean? 

It's time for the Food Network...

I have now concluded, this is going to be a very tough election for Obama. And a very close election for him as well. I certainly hope he wins it and I think he will.

However, If we want to be honest about things, the stars all aligned for him in 2008. So many stars simply fell in place and he was able to win, with a very wide margin. With a few changes even that election would have been very very close. Consider the following that fell into place or how his stars aligned:

Hillary's support: had Hillary played a sour loser, several women voters would have stayed away from the polls, some might have even voted for Palin in protest. So Obama was very fortunate that Hilary decided to put party above personal interests. Recall how bitter the battle was between Bill Clinton and Obama, which is why it is very gratifying and a lesson to all to see how they work together today.

Double wahala for dedi bodi...

Abami Eda, Fela in one of his lesser known but iconic hits, sings:  confusion breki bone yeepah, double wahala for dedi bodi and the owner of dedi bodi.  I many times wonder what Fela's songs would sing if he lived in today's Nigeria. Then it remind myself, sadly, the songs he composed decades ago in the 70's and 80's and 90's are yet a precise description of today's Nigeria! 

Animals in Human Skin...

A snapshot analysis of a societal breakdown.
Let me start off by apologizing in advance for having to post these very graphic and disturbing pictures here. However I think I need the pictures to drive home the point on the urgency that is required to address this in Nigeria and to illustrate without a shadow of a doubt just how bad our societal norms have become. So kindly be warned, the images are VERY graphic and I am not in anyway happy to have to post these images, but sometimes, we needs to be shocked into reality to promote better understanding. 

I very rarely like to write about such negative issues. But I fear in this situation we all need to wake up to the current reality. 

Seeing Stars: Arlington Unveils Revamped Planetarium

Seeing Stars: Arlington Unveils Revamped Planetarium

So in a few days we will be opening my current project. This is a small but very important project especially to the Arlington community. But more importantly, it is the new experiences the updated technology will bring to the kids that is even more exciting. The technology we have today versus what we are replacing which was almost 40 years old is simply amazing. This is the kind of investment in educational development that pays time after time again via the kids that will be inspired by this upgraded facility.

Gone too soon...

For Shiny Coin and Dapxin

I have always found it very hard to mourn for people I know who has passed away. Death is so final and I think possibly it takes me a while to come to terms with a person's passing hence, I do not mourn as I somehow an yet to fully comes to terms with their death.

Death is the end point. The end of the line. Nothing more to be done. It is final. And sadly, but necessarily, for the living, life must continue.

Recently at my cyber world home, the Nigerian Village Square, we lost two members of our cyber family within a span of two months. What makes these deaths heartbreaking is these were two very nice, funny, intelligent and promising young men forty years old and younger. The engine room of the Nigerian Village Square is the Main Square where all members have discussions. Most of our interactions were in the main square of the village as I like to call it. Both men were active participants in the village. 

Honduras Approves Private Cities Project

What has the world come to... A private city with its own private laws and its own private police? is this a Libertarians paradise? Should we export Ron Paul to be the Mayor...?  I wonder this is something to watch!

Honduras Approves Private Cities Project

 Article 8. – The REDs must establish their own police force, and are authorized to perform the said function on their own, or through proxy. Therefore, for this purpose, the REDs may enter into cooperative agreements with other countries or regions.

VIDEO: Paul Ryan defended stimulus in 2002, when George W. Bush wanted it

Okay folks,
Help me understand this. How a man boldly and unashamedly makes a 100% U turn simply because he is now seeking political office, wants to get power for himself and his party at all costs. I guess the stakes are that high? High enough to lie? Chris Hayes, very well dome.
So we have Mitt Romney who was for universal healthcare, passed it in his state as governor, but suddenly Obamacare, built upon his state model is the worst thing to happen to America and now he is totally and completely against it, so much so he insists he will repeal it on day one if elected to the presidency. Dang! Just like he wrote a newspaper op-ed against the auto bailout but now he preaches that Obama did precisely what he had called for... The lying is unimaginable and unbelievable. But then here comes his running mate, Paul Ryan whom we thought was a nice honest guy, simply really conservative. Hey we can live with that can't we? 
But now, we have  Paul Ryan, who fought and argued for America…

Ghost towns in China? A country with over one billion people?

Five ghost projects of China that.

A question on records: Obama's Vs. Mitt's

I continue to hear Mitt Romney and several Republicans and also media personalities repeat the refrain, Obama cannot or will not run on his record as he cannot win with his record. Hence his only chance of winning is to make Mitt look like the bigger evil...

I see! Indeed it might be true that Obama has not been able to get unemployment under 8% as he claimed he would do when the stimulus plan was passed. But is that the ONLY record his has?

When I listen to the campaign speeches that Obama is giving on the campaign trail, it seems to me that he very much IS running on his record! Of course he is going to point out his differences with Mitt Romney, would you not do that if you were running? However, I do not see him "running away" from his record, not even the term Obamacare!

Obama's Record 

I was pleasantly surprised while listening to an address he gave to a crowd in Colorado, he indeed used the term Obamacare! Chances are he will refer to it again. I agree that the Rep…

Is this an expensive joke...

The report below is culled from the Thisday newspapers...
Oga Minister, don't toy with Nigerians like this, the days of professor Pella are long gone! If there is one measure to which President Goodluck Jonathan will be clearly judged come 2015 will be the issue of improvements in the power sector.

If the administration is not going to deliver on such promises, it should refrain from making such pronouncements. In addition such announcements mean NOTHING if the people do not certify the obvious and claimed gains in the power situation in their lives. So the claims being noted in this report require some forms of verification. That said, this is usually nothing to celebrate about, but in Nigeria, sadly, it is!

FG to Raise Power Output to 9,000MWMinister of Power, Bart Nnaji

By Chuks Okocha and Onyebuchi Ezigbo
A statement from the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, which detailed the achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan since his inaugur…

He's only human after all, he who is without sin...

At the start of the Olympics, swimming great and legend Michael Phelps took quite a media beating when he lost his "signature race" the 400 meters to Ryan Locthe. All hell broke loose on the media. Fast forward a few days later, Phelps is once again super human and a legend. America is now used to "super humans" in all aspects of our lives. Fareed Zakaria, has indeed created a highly respected and legendary reputation for himself as an intelligent global voice, and a highly respected journalist. Indeed what he did was inexcusable. Fareed will have to face the music as well as the consequences of his actions. Now we all get to wait and see what his fate will be from his employers at Time Warner. My plea is for the man who did the crime to be allowed to do his time, and resume continuing his great journalistic contributions that are badly needed in today's highly polarized world.He has been a great source of wisdom, and moderation when it comes to the affairs of …

What is in a name... $$$ I guess!

Initially, I said, now what!? Snoop Lion!!!? However, we have witnessed Puff daddy become P Diddy and also Prince become the symbol... right?

Consider this, despite Sean Combs / Puff Daddy becoming P Diddy,  and now "Diddy" In 2012, Forbes lists Sean Diddy Combs as the second richest African American in the United States with an estimated worth of 550 million dollars!  So before you crack up in a second round of laughter as I am sure you did as I did, take a minute to realize what is in a name might just either be a key to ultimate success or more importantly have no negative effects on success... So if you have been toying with the idea of changing your name to Jonathan Killme Doe, you should know, it could grow, on people, might take you to the next level, maybe not heaven, but on earth, make you rich without dinning with the devil...!

Are tablets just a fad and the toy gizmo? & Apple Vs Android a brief opinion

This is a response I wrote on one of my discussions website as regards Tablet as a Fad and comparing Apple to Android.

Not sure if any device can replace the iPad in my life for now. Its quite handy and serves well for keeping up with mails, notes and to-do lists. Ph3y,

In most cases if you have n iPad, you might (end up) need to stick to an iPad, Android comes from a rather different perspective. I love Android for one simple and specific reason, I HATE rigidity. Apple products are extremely rigid. Apple basically make its products completely rigid by design (initially, they have changed over time to meet what Android brought to the table). Apple basically says, we know what you the consumer wants and here it is use it and that is what is best for you. And yes, they do make very good products. 

Android took an opposite approach by saying, we know you the consumer has wants, and we know each consumer is different so here, take our product and customize it to your liking and use it as you …

Waiting in vain, for a presidential phone call…

Recently in an interview, Human Rights civil activist Mallam Shehu Sani apparently stated:

“… I have repeatedly said that if President Jonathan can make a phone call to me today and ask me of one person who can solve the problem, I will give him the name of the person. And apart from the person, I don’t see the possibility of any other person whom the group can trust,” the activist declared. - Guardian Nigeria online
Mallam Shehu Sani remains for me, one of the few and respected civil rights activists in northern Nigeria and Nigeria as a whole, but in this instance, I believe he has erred and in a rather strange and dangerous manner. I urge the good gentlemallam to address this error immediately in order to kick start the potential peace he speaks about with Boko Haram.
Shehu Sani, does not appear to be one of those Nigerians looking for cheap publicity, or trying to desperately remain relevant within the Nigerian political arena.  So one must take his words seriously and assume he i…

I Know Who Can End Boko Haram Menace, Says Sani

I Know Who Can End Boko Haram Menace, Says Sani

Please click on the link for the story from the Guardian and then you can read my comments on this interview below...

Back in the Blog world once again...

Okay, Hello folks, so I am trying this out once again, and to see if I can diligently maintain my blog this time. I have a variety of interests, technology, politics, sports and human relationships and human behavior. So this blog will be a mix of all and how I see the world. I consider myself a citizen of the world and act accordingly. Lets go for a ride into my crazy mind...

Let me start with some random pictures. I love taking pictures and keep working in getting better at my photography as a hobby...

Guess what these are...?