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Notes on a "saner or normal" way to lose the pounds

Hey!! Long time no write! Our 2011 Thanksgiving dinner table! So I am reviving my blog to talk about my latest personal project and that is, to loose some pounds, a lot of pounds, yup weight loss, that "spare tire" around the waist (or in my case spare tube!!) as we would say back in Nigeria. I have been, like many people out there battling for years (at least about the last 5 years) now with my weight control and it has not been a pleasant ride. I am typically rather private in nature, so deciding to share this blog has not been an easy decision! How this started;  After our last Christmas holiday (2012), sometime in January, I got on the scale at home and almost fell right off it...(or broke it..) 281Ibs! What! Are you kidding me! Well, my daily worries and my weight gain had finally purchased an 18 wheeler trailer, packed with a turbo charged engine hit the freeway and came right at me at full speed and hit me head on!

And so what? Its the new normal...

I listened to one of my now favorite programs on Sirius XM, The Michael Smerconish show on POTUS, recently and noted his and others, knocking the president on his remarks on the shooting at the Navy yard and also the Republicans chastising him for not paying greater attention to the shooting, but then proceeding in his remarks to chastise the Republicans on the budget. I sent Mike a tweet basically noting sadly... And so what? Let us say for a minute Obama cancelled his prepared remarks and spent a full hour or more addressing the Navy yard shooting? I ask again, AND SO WHAT... would have happened? The point? What good would that have done? I have no doubt the president sympathizes with the loss of life, However as you see whenever Obama addresses the growing numbers of such incidents, you can see and hear the frustration in his voice. As you also immediately hear those in the NRA and some in Congress sounding the familiar refrain: Additional gun control laws are not required...