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An October full of trick or treat surprises

Another political year another presidential election and another October SURPRISE!!!!! So they keep coming, and coming... and coming... Perfect! Groping... email revelations... more groping.. more email revelations, more groping accusations... further email revelations, further groping accusations... (policies.. not needed!) You hit me below the belt, I hit you right back, Wow. What next? Of course, trick or treat... here you go, more October surprises! But the real question is will it even matter?  And the answer is probably NOT.  Anyone out there who is STILL saying they are an undecided voter needs to get their head checked or has either been living under a rock, no seriously and that rock needs to be in the Sahara desert or Antarctica or something extremely remote, I am sure even the astronauts on the International Space Station are decided at this point! (by the way can they vote absentee,, hmm??) Donald Trump once famously said he could shoot somebody and still maintain

As the Google Ecosystem grows...

Image So Google released two new phones, the Pixel and the Pixel XL and I see that some are already complaining about a few things missing, no wireless charging, no Micro SD slot, not waterproof et al... For those thinking this is a not a big deal are missing the point of this article. Two things to point out:  First, this device release is about Google's shift to become more of a hardware company not just a software company, A big deal considering they just offloaded Motorola a few years ago and yet they are back rather quickly recognizing they need FULL control, not simply partner control of the hardware as well on their smartphones and other devices. The two devices are designed to set Google in that new direction. It's goal is not to deliver a device that is totally better than the competition but a device that competes well enough not to be drowned by the competition.  Secondly, Th