A Google Nexus retail store coming soon to a mall near you??

So I am in my prediction mode on this.

Is the Google event slated for next week the opening of a new chapter for Google? 

The event is rumored to announce the release of no less than three additional Google Nexus products. A phone an two tablets. Some rumors indicate that one or two additional devices might also be announced. So this got me thinking. 

Consider the event next week and some other Google activities recently. Like...the Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility, and even with that we have seen Motorola release an array of great new smartphones. Currently the Driod Razr M, HD and Maxx HD are out. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus came out a few months ago, as well. Then you throw in Google docs and Google's Chrome books. What does this all mean? 

We were first introduced to Android when it came out with its Google phone, the HTC Dream or T-1. That was 2008, Google, Android had only ONE phone directly linked to Google. If we consolidate the rumored devices to be released and the devices from Goggle owned Motorola Mobility we have four years later, a 2012 product list looking like this:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus; Phone
  2. LG Nexus 4: Phone
  3. Driod Razr HD: Phone
  4. Driod Razr Maxx HD: Phone 
  5. Driod Razr M: Phone 
  6. Asus Nexus 7: Tablet 
  7. Samsung Nexus 10: Tablet 
  8. Motorola xyboard: 10.1 Tablet 
  9. Motorola xyboard 8.2 Tablet   
The rumored LG Nexus 4 coming out next week
NB: I have left out older Android phones as we know the older the phone the less likelihood to get a software update, so I doubt phones beyond what I have listed above with get the rumored Key Lime Pie update and hence will not be sold in a potential Nexus Store.

Then do not forget we also have the Nexus Q and Google TV still struggling to make an impact. So when we combine the direct Nexus products with the Motorola products suddenly Google is in control of a wide array of devices. Again don't forget Chrome books! Now add to that the fact that both Amazon's Kindle fire HD and Nook's tablet run some customized form of Android.

What is obvious above is Google products are made by several manufacturers. And this is one of the biggest problems we Android customers have, the lack of the kind of after sales support that Apple offers to its customers for its products and Apple also makes its own products. (sorry retains total branding and control on its made in China products...) Consider now, if I have a problem with my Nexus 7, there is no retail Google Store or Asus Store where I can take my device for some immediate diagnosis and support or repairs. This is something that I expect Google is taking note of and would like to address... we hope!   

A potential solution? A Google Nexus Store! Even though Google might continue to obtain its products from various partners, nothing stops it from opening its own retail outlets to directly service its growing customers. Google is now directly or indirectly offering the public a wide array of products, smartphones, tablets, steaming media players and laptops or computing devices. And it has its software arm in Google Docs as well as several other products. One major way to make Google customers FINALLY stop the envy of the Apple crowd  is to also offer them a place where they can go for support and solutions on the Google products they have. It will also increase sales! 

But the folks at Google are much smarter than me, so I do wonder why this has yet to happen. However before the acquisition of Motorola Mobility and the introduction of several products Google did not have enough of a product base to support retail outlets. Adding to this, Android was not as popular as iOS. But that seems to have changed. Despite Apple's iPhone out selling Samsung directly, it seems the Android platform has outsold Apple when all devices sold with the platform are combined, not just by manufacturer. 

A Microsoft Store: Wikipedia
Also Consider the fact that Microsoft stores sell their OS and software on products manufactured by their partners, like HP, Acer, Dell et al. And stores like Best buy exist, they have no major "Best Buy" gadgets or products but you buy all other products from them AND they offer all kinds of support via their Geek squad department. Google can combine such a model with the Apple store model to come up with the Google Nexus Store.  

I am not plugged into the technology community enough to know what is really going on so this is a simple prediction and speculation. But I do see this as being a possibility within the next one to three years time. or maybe I should simply say Google... wink wink... please take a customers hint... wink wink...


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