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Preventing the need for a Project Management Super Hero: Bid wisely and with caution

In today's world with technology allowing us to enjoy release after release of new action packed 3-D movies featuring our child hood Marvel and DC Comic heroes, being an ordinary person with a cool heroic resume is cooler than ever. Hence on many projects, Project Managers take pride in being able to gloat about saving a sinking ship or putting a project way off track back on track, essentially everyone now wants to be a Project Management super hero. Nothing wrong with that! However... I believe the goal of  managing your project should be avoiding the need to have a Project Management super hero come and save the day. Essentially, if you run the project the right way, you won't need anyone to come and save it from calamities and collapse. And where is a number one place for project failures? At Project Initiation.

Why the Blog has changed to Project Management

Welcome to the new blog. So I just changed my blog to a focus on Project Management in the Construction sector. Why?  Easy. How having spent over 20 years in this crazy design and construction business I realize I might have some insight, opinions and observations on how this industry works and how to make things potentially a tad bit better. Even with my rambling! Many of us change what we do in life as the years roll by, for those of us that have kept doing the same thing in different shoes for decades, I guarantee you have something great to say that people can benefit from. So the blog will highlight my thoughts on various aspects of the design and construction industry, taken from my past and present experiences and design and construction adventures. It really helps to like what you do, your profession, your job, it make going to work daily a pleasure rather that a chore done to simply pay the bills. And most importantly it help you get through those very contentio