Double wahala for dedi bodi...

Abami Eda, Fela in one of his lesser known but iconic hits, sings:  confusion breki bone yeepah, double wahala for dedi bodi and the owner of dedi bodi.  I many times wonder what Fela's songs would sing if he lived in today's Nigeria. Then it remind myself, sadly, the songs he composed decades ago in the 70's and 80's and 90's are yet a precise description of today's Nigeria! 

Essentially Fela would be singing the same songs today as he did decades ago. This is a rather sad report card for Nigeria. Most Nigerians listen to several of Fela's songs and enjoy them, sadly not because we listen and remember how Nigeria once was, once upon a distant time, (many songs being twenty and thirty years old) but we listen to Fela's songs, today and realize as he sings, we are currently living his raw and vivid lyrics all over Nigeria. It then becomes rather hard not to get upset, disturbed and depressed regardless of the exceptional lyrics, rhythms and pulsating music of the Afrobeat maestro and teacher.  

How can this be? When will it end? Is there an end in sight? Is the dedi bodi now beyond resurrection? Nigeria is still  Ojuelegba roundabout! Aluu four killed in the south; Shell and other oil companies continue to spill crude oil with reckless abandon and little repercussion. Boko Haram from the north continues to wreck mayhem across the region as their leaders turn a blind eye for political gain or in tacit support. A police officer in Lagos the west, kills an innocent protester as they are being forcefully ejected form their swamp dwellings, as armed gangs attack rob and kill travelers on Lagos- Ibadan expressway. In the east, kidnappings abound almost like regular business. In the central part of the country, very violent tribal clashes continue between the Fulani and almost everyone else. Nationwide as the fuel subsidy probes showed, a cabal of privileged Nigerians continue to rob the county blind of its most valuable revenue earner and the bane of much of the countries problems, crude oil. We continue to see tankers exploding and claiming lives of poor Nigerians who not knowing better, look to make a quick buck.  

As Fela sings, no policeman for center to control all the confusion taking place in all directions. As a result, the Nigerian finds him or herself in a situation of double wahala in they struggle to make ends meet. Sadly, it is beginning to look like President Goodluck Jonathan is gradually being consumed and is now the owner of the deadi bodi that is Nigeria. Despite the positive strides that are clearly being made, the president stands a real and present danger of the challenges within Nigeria, consuming his administration and overcoming the positives taking place. 

Fela teachers us there are three types of robbery, Legi robbery, Armi robbery and finally Headi robbery. Sadly, Goodluck Jonathan is faced with not just one or two but all three of these robberies, and to make the confusion and wahala double, he faces extreme versions of these robberies! Fela warns, confusion means, everything is out of control, nah him be say, pafuka nah quench. He notes, pafuka fit be police station, hosipitol or mortuary, with the likes of Boko Haram in Nigeria pafuka is now common place where I am sure even Fela thought unimaginable, in church! With the challenging words from his own kinsman, Asari Dokubo, it is time for President Goodluck Jonathan to wrestle with confusion to bring it under control lest the confusion consumes him, his administration and his presidency. He will then end up sadly as the owner of dedi bodi.    

It is by no means and easy task, but since he signed up for the job, he must deal with the deck of cards he has been given. And most importantly he must refrain from a growing bad habit of continually, throwing petrol on the fires around him. The dedi bodi of Nigeria don get several accident already, the double wahala for our deadi bodi and the owner of the deadi bodi don dey pass expensive joke...


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