VIDEO: Paul Ryan defended stimulus in 2002, when George W. Bush wanted it

Okay folks,

Help me understand this. How a man boldly and unashamedly makes a 100% U turn simply because he is now seeking political office, wants to get power for himself and his party at all costs. I guess the stakes are that high? High enough to lie? Chris Hayes, very well dome.

So we have Mitt Romney who was for universal healthcare, passed it in his state as governor, but suddenly Obamacare, built upon his state model is the worst thing to happen to America and now he is totally and completely against it, so much so he insists he will repeal it on day one if elected to the presidency. Dang! Just like he wrote a newspaper op-ed against the auto bailout but now he preaches that Obama did precisely what he had called for... The lying is unimaginable and unbelievable. But then here comes his running mate, Paul Ryan whom we thought was a nice honest guy, simply really conservative. Hey we can live with that can't we? 

But now, we have  Paul Ryan, who fought and argued for America to borrow money from China (that is what the deficit spending means to us laymen and women...)  in 2002 in order to provide government funded stimulus to the economy, agrees and argues that even after recovery, unemployment will lag for a while and hence more government stimulus is needed. Today he is going around the country saying that Obama's stimulus package was a failure and a bad freedom, job killing idea for America...

Okay, hold on and please click on the link to view video clip.

Well people, I doubt you can understand this, as I simply cannot. What happened to the days when you took a position, maintained the position and defended the position based on convictions and integrity? What this shows is these men do not have the interest of America at heart and cannot be trusted. They simply want to win at all costs. The goal is to defeat Obama. QED. This is becoming clearer by the day. Paul Ryan needs to explain to us how come in 2002 he believed America should borrow money from China to stimulate the economy when a Republican was in the White house and why now in 2012 when a Democrat is in the White house, it has suddenly become not just a bad idea, but a cardinal sin. This is even beyond his asking for a piece of the same stimulus he voted against and demonized under the current Democrat administration   

Oh by the way he actually does not need to explain to us, as we know. We know he is just being two faced. We know he is following the Republican party mantra to get rid of Obama at all costs, even if that includes making a total and complete U turn on what he once believed and promoted. We do not need another reporter to ask him a question on this only for him to side step the answer and say something typical like

"...Look this is Apples to Oranges... Obama is bankrupting America for our kids future, I weep anytime I go home and look at my kids faces... This administration has wasted stimulus on its friends like Solyndra... America can't keep borrowing 40 cents on the dollar from China... Obama has grown the deficit 10,000 times more that all other US presidents combined including that of the British colonialists and the Native Americans..." 

Of course the reporter will not remind him did not answer the question. Yes we know what he is going to say, so he need not explain. What those of us who have half a brain left need to do, is open our eyes to the deception and wake up. 

This is a man who clearly states in that video that government using stimulus can create jobs, look at how passionately he defends the idea on how government stimulus helps to put people back to work! Yet, today he and his new buddy Mitt Romney are crisscrossing the country demonizing Obama for saying more or less, the same precise thing, government stimulus indeed does help create jobs, private sector jobs. Yes that private business you started might have gotten some government help, directly or indirectly. Yes indeed.

As an independent when I read things like this, I really wonder how real and true Republicans can hear these things and yet decide to vote for either of these men. Obama is not free from blame, yes for example he said he would close Guantanamo Bay in a year but he has not, but on an issue like that you can appreciate, now being the president and obtaining certain confidential information he was not privy to as a candidate, adding the serious objections by so many states to host the detainees on the US mainland, why that promise was not kept. By the way he has not changed his mind, he just did not keep the promise. The point, the U turn if you want to call it one, is explainable and makes some sense. This Ryan U turn on the stimulus, makes no sense. 

Obama 2012, you had better find these clips and share this with America. This is down right ugly politics (putting it lightly). How on earth can we trust a man like Paul Ryan to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? Am I missing something here?


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