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Man Sues Wife—and Wins!—For Birthing Ugly Baby

This sounds like fiction... nope it is not! From the first to know site I stumbled upon... Man Sues Wife—and Wins!—For Birthing Ugly Baby by Liza So, here’s the scenario: Attractive man from northern China meets attractive woman and they marry. All is well until attractive woman gives birth to a baby girl her husband finds so repulsive to look at he’s convinced his wife’s genes are responsible for the ugly baby. So, he files for divorce on the grounds of “false pretences” and wins a six-figure fine from her, the result of his lawsuit.

Our next summer vacation trip...? You guessed it, Colorado here we come!!!

“We won! We won!” supporters cried as the results were splashed across a giant screen. Read more:  Coloradans say yes to recreational use of marijuana -  The Denver Post   Damn right you did!!! I plan to address this issue in depth at a later date. For now, it is time to start making some new vacation plans!!!

Getting out the vote in battleground Virginia

The get out the vote flyer As a Virginia resident, the last few days have been absolutely off the hook when to comes to the 2012 election cycle. In the last week, during advertisement breaks on television programs, we Virginia residents have been subject to a constant revolving barrage of political advertisements by Obama, Romney, Kaine, Allen and most certainly the super PAC's. If something is not done about the Citizens United court decision, politicking in this country will certainly go downhill. We have watched adverts featuring "energy voters" and all sorts. In the last week, it got to a point during advertisement breaks, at least 80% of all the advertisements were political adverts leaving time for only one, two or three spots for regular (annoying) advertising, unless like me you switched to the Food Network,  which got political adverts, but a much lower percentage! If one was really seeking a complete advert shut out then you witch to Al Jazera...! We have