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Are tablets just a fad and the toy gizmo? & Apple Vs Android a brief opinion

This is a response I wrote on one of my discussions website as regards Tablet as a Fad and comparing Apple to Android. Not sure if any device can replace the iPad in my life for now. Its quite handy and serves well for keeping up with mails, notes and to-do lists. Ph3y, In most cases if you have n iPad, you might (end up) need to stick to an iPad, Android comes from a rather different perspective. I love Android for one simple and specific reason, I HATE rigidity. Apple products are extremely rigid. Apple basically make its products completely rigid by design (initially, they have changed over time to meet what Android brought to the table). Apple basically says, we know what you the consumer wants and here it is use it and that is what is best for you. And yes, they do make very good products.  Android took an opposite approach by saying, we know you the consumer has wants, and we know each consumer is different so here, take our product and customize it to your liking and

Waiting in vain, for a presidential phone call…

Recently in an interview, Human Rights civil activist Mallam Shehu Sani apparently stated: “… I have repeatedly said that if President Jonathan can make a phone call to me today and ask me of one person who can solve the problem, I will give him the name of the person. And apart from the person, I don’t see the possibility of any other person whom the group can trust,” the activist declared. - Guardian Nigeria online Mallam Shehu Sani remains for me, one of the few and respected civil rights activists in northern Nigeria and Nigeria as a whole, but in this instance, I believe he has erred and in a rather strange and dangerous manner. I urge the good gentlemallam to address this error immediately in order to kick start the potential peace he speaks about with Boko Haram. Shehu Sani, does not appear to be one of those Nigerians looking for cheap publicity, or trying to desperately remain relevant within the Nigerian political arena.  So one must take his words seriously

I Know Who Can End Boko Haram Menace, Says Sani

I Know Who Can End Boko Haram Menace, Says Sani Please click on the link for the story from the Guardian and then you can read my comments on this interview below...

Back in the Blog world once again...

Okay, Hello folks, so I am trying this out once again, and to see if I can diligently maintain my blog this time. I have a variety of interests, technology, politics, sports and human relationships and human behavior. So this blog will be a mix of all and how I see the world. I consider myself a citizen of the world and act accordingly. Lets go for a ride into my crazy mind... Let me start with some random pictures. I love taking pictures and keep working in getting better at my photography as a hobby... Guess what these are...?