Gone too soon...

For Shiny Coin and Dapxin

I have always found it very hard to mourn for people I know who has passed away. Death is so final and I think possibly it takes me a while to come to terms with a person's passing hence, I do not mourn as I somehow an yet to fully comes to terms with their death.

Death is the end point. The end of the line. Nothing more to be done. It is final. And sadly, but necessarily, for the living, life must continue.

Recently at my cyber world home, the Nigerian Village Square, we lost two members of our cyber family within a span of two months. What makes these deaths heartbreaking is these were two very nice, funny, intelligent and promising young men forty years old and younger. The engine room of the Nigerian Village Square is the Main Square where all members have discussions. Most of our interactions were in the main square of the village as I like to call it. Both men were active participants in the village. 

I never met either Shiny Coin or Dapxin personally, but with our online interactions, we were more or less online "brothers". With Shiny most especially, I relished and enjoyed our exchanges on sports, especially on my beloved Chelsea. With Dapxin, we had good conversations about the IT developments in Nigeria. And now they are both gone, just like that.

I have struggled to figure out why the loss of these two fine gentlemen hit me rather hard, most especially the loss of Dapxin, despite my never meeting them and knowing them personally. I have just realized why, now. These were two men who I was seriously looking forward to having the pleasure of meeting in real life one of these days and more importantly these were two men whom from my online interactions with them, I believed  had great futures ahead of them and were certainly going to be part of the generation / revolution that will help pull Nigeria out of it downward spiral. And now, they are gone.

We always and sadly will continue, to read about young people passing on far too soon, in their prime youth and beyond reaching their ultimate potential. We read about several who have lost their lives globally, young men and women during the Arab spring across North Africa and the Middle East. We read about young deaths in violent neighborhoods in the United States and those cut down in the drug wars in places like Mexico and across the world. My heart goes out to them all who have lost their lives for one reason or another.

I can weep from now until the end of my time here on why my wish to have finally met these two fine gentlemen will not come to pass. So somehow, I must pull myself out of this sad state of mind.  Hence, what I have decided to do what I can to honor my dear villagers Shiny and Dapxin. To ensure that to the best extent possible, I will continually relish every moment I am blessed to have here with my loved ones and also strive to make sure I can maximize my potential with the time I spend on this good earth.

I am not one for writing poems or the sort, as I noted I am not one to grieve easily. but I miss these two gentlemen a great deal. I pray the good Lord be with the families of the departed, Shiny and Dapxin and all other young souls whom we have lost who have been gone far too soon...

NB: Though I am now aware of the real names of both Shiny and Dapxin, the fact is, the cyber village brothers I knew were Shiny and Dapxin and hence I feel it is in line to so refer to them as I knew and interacted with them.


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