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Seeing Stars: Arlington Unveils Revamped Planetarium

Seeing Stars: Arlington Unveils Revamped Planetarium So in a few days we will be opening my current project. This is a small but very important project especially to the Arlington community. But more importantly, it is the new experiences the updated technology will bring to the kids that is even more exciting. The technology we have today versus what we are replacing which was almost 40 years old is simply amazing. This is the kind of investment in educational development that pays time after time again via the kids that will be inspired by this upgraded facility.

Gone too soon...

For Shiny Coin and Dapxin I have always found it very hard to mourn for people I know who has passed away. Death is so final and I think possibly it takes me a while to come to terms with a person's passing hence, I do not mourn as I somehow an yet to fully comes to terms with their death. Death is the end point. The end of the line. Nothing more to be done. It is final. And sadly, but necessarily, for the living, life must continue. Recently at my cyber world home, the Nigerian Village Square, we lost two members of our cyber family within a span of two months. What makes these deaths heartbreaking is these were two very nice, funny, intelligent and promising young men forty years old and younger. The engine room of the Nigerian Village Square is the Main Square where all members have discussions. Most of our interactions were in the main square of the village as I like to call it. Both men were active participants in the village. 

Honduras Approves Private Cities Project

What has the world come to... A private city with its own private laws and its own private police? is this a Libertarians paradise? Should we export Ron Paul to be the Mayor...?  I wonder this is something to watch! Honduras Approves Private Cities Project  Article 8. – The REDs must establish their own police force, and are authorized to perform the said function on their own, or through proxy. Therefore, for this purpose, the REDs may enter into cooperative agreements with other countries or regions.