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6 Mistakes small construction businesses make

This is a presentation I prepared after hearing so many "horror' Stories from small contractors who in many cases got themselves into trouble by their own practices! If the video does not show up, sorry for the technical difficulties, but please click click on the title below for a link to the video! 6 mistakes small construction businesses make

Being an effective mentor

Providing a path of light... I have always been attracted to teaching. Possibly I feel this comes naturally to me as I come from a teaching household, one parent a retired professor and the other a retired high school principal and director of education. (I guess that means you now have the right to call me out on my spelling and grammatical errors!  I jump at opportunities to share and impart the little knowledge I have to those working with me and I get to know, and I am eager to learn from those around me. But many times, one does wonder if those efforts have any impact at all, as in many cases, I would move, change jobs and those I worked with and/or mentored I would lose contact with them.

Sustainable practices in the developing world

As the developed nation pay more and more attention to sustainable living practices, it surprises me when I many times hear comments noting developing nations also need to be taught sustainable ways of living. Having grown up in a developing nation, I have always found those comments rather amusing. In my opinion, it appears from my recollections of how and where I grew up, the developed world might be able to learn a thing or two from the sustainable practices of the developing nations. In developing nations, the saying necessity is the mother of invention is apt.