President Obama and Michelle Obama, everyday people...

In my opinion, the selection of President Obama as Time's Person of the Year is right on point. At one point during the 2012 campaign, I was quite honestly worried he might not win re-election. This was one real tough election and he pulled off something special and rather remarkable. Anyhow I digress...

It appears every presidential election cycle, there is always a specific question that comes up, asked by the media / pollsters. This is of course about the candidates running to be president. That question typically is: Who would you most like to have a beer with? In other words, who do you think is really an everyday person just like you?

In his speeches on the needs to raise the tax bracket for the wealthy 2% of Americans, Obama never fails to remind us he belongs to that bracket, as he said frequently during the campaign, neither himself nor Mitt Romney needed additional tax breaks. It was of course, common knowledge that their income brackets are really quite far apart. And it was more or less commonly agreed and accepted that Mitt Romney mostly due to his financial status really was not connecting to the everyday man and woman on the street. Recall the debate where he wanted to bet $10,000 at an instant? Just like that! Anyhow I digress yet again!

With the Time magazine report on the Person of the year, Time has also released a series of photographs of both Barack Obama and Michelle Obama and others from the administration never seen before. As I  looked through a number of the pictures, it became clear to me, despite occupying the highly powerful position of the President of the United States and the First lady, The Obama's are very much every day people. Some of the pictures that caught my attention are below, courtesy of the Time magazine website.

So what do you think? Are they really everyday people? I had initially added in some of my thoughts, and the captions but deleted them. I would like the images only to speak for themselves. What do you think of these pictures?

All the pictures can be found at this link to Time magazine: 


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