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Institutional Racism explained by an Ex-Batimore Cop

I read the article by Peter Moskos:  Why just blaming cops won't help Baltimore I am going to quote DIRECTLY from his piece describing what I believe can be attributed to institutional and systemic racism as the crux of the problem in my dear Charm City. I am not sure that the author was aware he was indeed supporting the arguments that not only does institutional racism exist, but the damage it has done to our collective society and why we must get rid of it:

Really!? Me a Democrat!???

Below is a link to the results of a fun exercise for political junkies like myself. When I came into the Country, I was probably a 50/50 split between Republican and Democrat viewpoints. Then I became more liberal and then I became more conservative! As a friend told me the more money you earn in the US, the conservative you become!? True / False? We all tend to support the "rich" paying higher taxes that is until we break into the bracket right? Don't worry when I get there I shall share if my viewpoints changed or not!

Ooops! I missed the last zero... Sorry!

So how does a million dollar contract in construction magically become a one hundred thousand dollar contract? Impossible? Nope possible, It does happen you know. Many simple unforgivable, annoying and most importantly COMPLETELY avoidable mistakes I see made by small and large Contractors and Project Managers in the design build industry is one of the major reasons I switched this blog to also cover the design build sector. It seems people out there are making terribly costly mistakes and many times, from a simple failure to follow the rules. Many times, rules that are not complicated at all.