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Possibly the two most important speeches since 1999.

We are waiting and waiting and waiting, the whole country is waiting for Prof Jega to finish using his biro, paper and abacus to collate the final tally for the official announcements. In that time, I have been able to check several news outlets, oh by the way, Many many thanks to Channels TV who is steaming live via Youtube allow those of us in the Diaspora to stay up to date on the election.

Buhari / APC... WINS!

Here is my unofficial tally of the results as announced by INEC Buhari decisively wins by 54.5% of the total votes cast

Buhari takes a commanding lead!

Actually, Buhari has WON.  Here is my spreadsheet tallying the votes. Buhari has taken it by over 2 million votes, and Borno will only increase his margin of victory. FACT! Both have met the 25% requirement in 24 states, APC is winning by over 50% of the vote.

President Obama Delivers a Message to the Nigerian People

Its not too late for Nigerians to yet heed the advise from their brother from another mother from our dear USof A. I know there are those that might take an exception to the quote to keep the country one, but I do believe that country will achieve more by remaining united that becoming divided.