What is in a name... $$$ I guess!

Initially, I said, now what!? Snoop Lion!!!? However, we have witnessed Puff daddy become P Diddy and also Prince become the symbol... right?

Consider this, despite Sean Combs / Puff Daddy becoming P Diddy,  and now "Diddy" In 2012, Forbes lists Sean Diddy Combs as the second richest African American in the United States with an estimated worth of 550 million dollars!  So before you crack up in a second round of laughter as I am sure you did as I did, take a minute to realize what is in a name might just either be a key to ultimate success or more importantly have no negative effects on success... So if you have been toying with the idea of changing your name to Jonathan Killme Doe, you should know, it could grow, on people, might take you to the next level, maybe not heaven, but on earth, make you rich without dinning with the devil...!


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