Tech Friday: Samsung outdoes Apple 2-to-1 in smartphones; Nokia falters

Check this out from C-Net

In the third quarter,Samsung ships 56 million smartphones worldwide, as Apple cranks out 27 million. Nokia, meanwhile, drops out of the top five.

So we see why Apple has decided to turn to the courts for salvation! Samsung is smoking them in sales. Of course this is on smartphones only. With the release of the iPhone 5, I expect Apple to recover a large chunk of sales in the last quarter of the year.

But these figures tell a story that some of us Android fans have kept on preaching. Apple is no longer the dominant innovative company it used to be, and its dominant days are possibly numbered. The fact that Apple choose to release (or was forced) an iPad Mini is very telling. More on that later.

But the two pieces of news here are not the big two, but RIM and Nokia. On Nokia,as the report notes its drop, I wonder if this is bad news for Microsoft and its Windows 7 not catching fire as hoped. But here we must not forget that other manufacturers make Windows phones, like Samsung and HTC. So maybe it is just a Nokia problem and not a Windows 7 or now 8 problem.

But for all Blackberry fans out there, like a good friend of mine, I might very well be wrong that RIM is dead and gone. Now as a market leader, RIM is probably not going to get that position back for the foreseeable future, but RIM might actually survive! If it has managed to hang on somehow to the number three spot, yes I know the actual figures are dismal, but when you consider they had no REAL and solid new product this year or since 2011 if I recall correctly, they very well may gain back some significant market share when Blackberry 10 comes in 2013. And from what I saw on a BBC website clip, the phone might get some good attention! The Blackberry appworld will need a significant octane boost, but blackberry had been in that game for a while now. And don't forget what they say, when you are down, the only place left for you to go is... UP!!

Click here for the BBC report on the upcoming Blackberry 10.


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