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Why Blackberry might have simply postponed its eventual demise

Courtesy I have watched the news and videos of the new Blackberry 10 OS and also the new Z10 handset. It appears there is absolutely no doubt Blackberry 10 is a great leap forward and also the Z10 looks quite good. Mark the words: Good. Classy handset hampered by OS flaws from But I fear that Blackberry might simply be as we say in Nigeria, taking medicine after death. It might be too late already. There are four reasons why I think this is an uphill battle for Blackberry: At its core, a smartphone as a device is only as useful as the apps available to use with it. The awesome 1024 x 768 screen resolution et al are all extras that make the apps desirable for a more premium device. And I am sorry, in a world of 800,000 apps, 70,000 is almost a non starter! That seems like asking a person looking for a new car to buy a scooter and be satisfied! And if you underestimate the value of good apps, just recall the madness created with Apple's snafu wi

Nations Cup 2013: Nelspruit pitch 'up to standard' for semis: WHAT!!! You don't say!

Ah finally that ultra useless pitch is getting attention, but it seems the Super Eagles will not play there... Nations Cup 2013: Nelspruit pitch 'up to standard' for semis Africa Cup of Nations organisers have given the go-ahead for knock-out ties to be played in Nelspruit, despite the condition of the pitch. The surface at the Mbombela Stadium, which also hosted six group games, has been criticised by players and coaches. But chairman of the Local Organising Committee, Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana, said weather conditions were to blame. He also confirmed that the quarter-final between Burkina Faso and Togo and a semi-final will take place there. “You can't play on a pitch like this. It's a disgrace to our continent, we can do better ” Togo striker Emmanuel Adebayor

Drunk man on elevator

Please don't let this be you!!! Happy hour might make you too happy!!! Maybe the man thought he was climbing down the stairway from heaven...

Buyaka!!!! In your face indeed! Obama, no shaking!!!

Senator Lindsey Graham, whom I like or at this point I might need to say used to like stated that Obama's nomination of Chuck Hagel for the Secretary of Defense was an in your face action by President Obama. Hmmm...

What about Ashley Cole???

Wait a minute! Everyone is going crazy about Lamps leaving the Blues. Of course I want him to spend one more season with us. But this is not fair. How about Ashley Cole? Why are we not asking for him to stay? And the fact is if we want to be honest, we CAN do without Lamps, after all we have Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Moses and Marin , ALL in the midfield (as well as Mikel, Ramires, Romeu and now even Luiz!). But who do we have to replace Ashley...? Bertrand only! So we also can't him go yet either.

Happy New Year!!!

Well wow, can you believe it is already January 7th 2013! Oh my! The days appear to be flying once again! 2012 for me came and went almost like a flash! Boy was it a busy year!