He's only human after all, he who is without sin...

At the start of the Olympics, swimming great and legend Michael Phelps took quite a media beating when he lost his "signature race" the 400 meters to Ryan Locthe. All hell broke loose on the media. Fast forward a few days later, Phelps is once again super human and a legend. America is now used to "super humans" in all aspects of our lives.

Fareed Zakaria, has indeed created a highly respected and legendary reputation for himself as an intelligent global voice, and a highly respected journalist. Indeed what he did was inexcusable. Fareed will have to face the music as well as the consequences of his actions.

Now we all get to wait and see what his fate will be from his employers at Time Warner. My plea is for the man who did the crime to be allowed to do his time, and resume continuing his great journalistic contributions that are badly needed in today's highly polarized world.

He has been a great source of wisdom, and moderation when it comes to the affairs of the world and America. His program on CNN presents a true global perspective. There are preciously far to few voice like his in the media for him to be permanently muzzled due to a serious lapse in judgment.

The lapse in judgment and the possible punishment reminds me of a famous story in the bible, as Mary Magdalene was about to be stoned, Christ asked the mob, he who is without sin, cast the first stone. As one by one the crowd left till there was none, Christ turned to Mary and noted, now go and sin no more. Ironically, since man nor woman is perfect, we know he did not expect her to be completely perfect thereafter, but he gave her a second chance. 

What is instructive here is to note, like Phelps is not super human a hundred percent of the time, his comeback to win further gold medals is a lesson, even our super humans are not perfect and are only human after all.


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