An October full of trick or treat surprises

Another political year another presidential election and another October SURPRISE!!!!!

So they keep coming, and coming... and coming... Perfect!

Groping... email revelations... more groping.. more email revelations, more groping accusations... further email revelations, further groping accusations... (policies.. not needed!) You hit me below the belt, I hit you right back, Wow. What next? Of course, trick or treat... here you go, more October surprises!

But the real question is will it even matter? And the answer is probably NOT. 

Anyone out there who is STILL saying they are an undecided voter needs to get their head checked or has either been living under a rock, no seriously and that rock needs to be in the Sahara desert or Antarctica or something extremely remote, I am sure even the astronauts on the International Space Station are decided at this point! (by the way can they vote absentee,, hmm??)

Donald Trump once famously said he could shoot somebody and still maintain his support, it is fast and sadly becoming a rather factual statement. Imagine that. And for Hillary Clinton, she is totally unable to put the email scandal to bed and the Wiki leaks are not helping her at all. It is slow death by a thousand leaked email cuts. It looks to me she is hoping to survive long enough to get to November 8 and then she can go recover at the wonderful Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland. It seems she has decided to simply ride it out believing that despite her many "sins", The Donald's will certainly be more! Hint: They are! 

So even with less than three weeks to go, we are most certainly going to get more surprises especially from the Donald's camp considering he continues to slide in most polls. He is at the point where he needs to throw the kitchen sink faucet, piping et al in addition to the sink itself as the sink does not seem to have done the job yet. I wonder how inviting Obama's half brother to the debate helps... Ah well it is Donald.

Hillary on the other hand will hope to deliver a few knock out punches to the man while he is down, Helping her out is Mike Moore with a new new movie coming out just in time to tickle our minds once again. It has been cemented now that both candidates are terribly unpopular and we are all making a less than ideal choice. So I doubt there is any real killer blow that can be delivered to or from either camp.

So I presume we are poised to hear more about the same old topics, emails, groping, emails, tax returns, Benghazi, bigotry, Bill Clinton... Obama's half brother? I am still scratching my head on that one...

For me I am stuck on how and why we as a county are about to consider a "mechanic" who does "surgery" on cars, to also be the best person to do major surgery on our human (country) body, I simply do not get it. I understand it, but find it hard to believe we can be so darn stupid.


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