Happy New Year!!!

Well wow, can you believe it is already January 7th 2013! Oh my! The days appear to be flying once again! 2012 for me came and went almost like a flash! Boy was it a busy year!

I guess the saying: Time flies when you are having fun applies to me. 2012 really flew by very fast! But, I am not hoping for it to slow down, nope absolutely not! If anything I have a feeling this year is going to be even faster and busier for me than last year. I have a number of projects that I need to work on this year and intend to get done.

Keeping this blog alive is one of the projects. I now very much envy those of us that have our regular 9-5's and yet manage to keep a blog going. So this year I will spend a bit more time working on in the blog, refining it, updating its appearance and content and making it generally better.

It will however still be from my mind's eye! I am not a Harvard trained journalist, nor am I trying to become one neither do I have a degree in literature or creative writing. But I maintain as a member of society, I have something to say about what is going on around me, and in that most crazy country, Nigeria. So I fully intend to keep the blog going in my simple straight forward manner.

So thanks for tuning in in 2012 and Here is to a much better and greater and more prosperous 2013 for us all!!!



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