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Being an effective mentor

Providing a path of light... I have always been attracted to teaching. Possibly I feel this comes naturally to me as I come from a teaching household, one parent a retired professor and the other a retired high school principal and director of education. (I guess that means you now have the right to call me out on my spelling and grammatical errors!  I jump at opportunities to share and impart the little knowledge I have to those working with me and I get to know, and I am eager to learn from those around me. But many times, one does wonder if those efforts have any impact at all, as in many cases, I would move, change jobs and those I worked with and/or mentored I would lose contact with them.

An October full of trick or treat surprises

Another political year another presidential election and another October SURPRISE!!!!! So they keep coming, and coming... and coming... Perfect! Groping... email revelations... more groping.. more email revelations, more groping accusations... further email revelations, further groping accusations... (policies.. not needed!) You hit me below the belt, I hit you right back, Wow. What next? Of course, trick or treat... here you go, more October surprises! But the real question is will it even matter?  And the answer is probably NOT.  Anyone out there who is STILL saying they are an undecided voter needs to get their head checked or has either been living under a rock, no seriously and that rock needs to be in the Sahara desert or Antarctica or something extremely remote, I am sure even the astronauts on the International Space Station are decided at this point! (by the way can they vote absentee,, hmm??) Donald Trump once famously said he could shoot somebody and still maintain

As the Google Ecosystem grows...

Image So Google released two new phones, the Pixel and the Pixel XL and I see that some are already complaining about a few things missing, no wireless charging, no Micro SD slot, not waterproof et al... For those thinking this is a not a big deal are missing the point of this article. Two things to point out:  First, this device release is about Google's shift to become more of a hardware company not just a software company, A big deal considering they just offloaded Motorola a few years ago and yet they are back rather quickly recognizing they need FULL control, not simply partner control of the hardware as well on their smartphones and other devices. The two devices are designed to set Google in that new direction. It's goal is not to deliver a device that is totally better than the competition but a device that competes well enough not to be drowned by the competition.  Secondly, Th

Bernie and the danger of the single story...

Embed from Getty Images Newsflash Bernie fans, in case you missed it!  An awesome Nigerian-American once gave a TED talk: The danger of a single story -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The Bernie Sanders (Bernie) campaign reminds me of the danger of a single story. What is the single story? I would say a partial aspect of an issue or story. In the 2016 election story, Bernie seems to be a proponent of the single story via two core arguments as he continues to campaign:

On Corinth, Texas

I can't cover my thoughts in 140 characters this is too important an issue for sound bites and I can't call in so here are some quick thoughts. Apologies if the thoughts are not very articulate. Please keep in mind, I doubt there is ONE white police officer in the US today who does not know there is a problem with the African American community, likewise a African American person must be living under a rock in the furthest desert to know all is not well. Hence in this situation I am sure both sides were acutely aware of the situation yet both could have done better.

Even those that enforce the law are not above it... We hope

I just read a CNN report with an important statement from the Baltimore police union: "Let me begin by stating how appalled and frustrated we are at this morning's events. .... We are disappointed in the apparent rush to judgment given the fact that the investigation into this matter has not been concluded," said Gene Ryan, president of the police union, at a news conference. "Our officers, like every other American, are entitled to due process." I watched an interview CNN's Chris Como had with the Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, yesterday repeatedly asking her why the officers had not already been arrested. her reply many times, due process must be followed. It appears the Baltimore states attorney has decided due process was in followed.

Institutional Racism explained by an Ex-Batimore Cop

I read the article by Peter Moskos:  Why just blaming cops won't help Baltimore I am going to quote DIRECTLY from his piece describing what I believe can be attributed to institutional and systemic racism as the crux of the problem in my dear Charm City. I am not sure that the author was aware he was indeed supporting the arguments that not only does institutional racism exist, but the damage it has done to our collective society and why we must get rid of it:

Really!? Me a Democrat!???

Below is a link to the results of a fun exercise for political junkies like myself. When I came into the Country, I was probably a 50/50 split between Republican and Democrat viewpoints. Then I became more liberal and then I became more conservative! As a friend told me the more money you earn in the US, the conservative you become!? True / False? We all tend to support the "rich" paying higher taxes that is until we break into the bracket right? Don't worry when I get there I shall share if my viewpoints changed or not!