Even those that enforce the law are not above it... We hope

I just read a CNN report with an important statement from the Baltimore police union:
"Let me begin by stating how appalled and frustrated we are at this morning's events. .... We are disappointed in the apparent rush to judgment given the fact that the investigation into this matter has not been concluded," said Gene Ryan, president of the police union, at a news conference. "Our officers, like every other American, are entitled to due process."

I watched an interview CNN's Chris Como had with the Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, yesterday repeatedly asking her why the officers had not already been arrested. her reply many times, due process must be followed. It appears the Baltimore states attorney has decided due process was in followed.

It is was pleasing to see the Baltimore states attorney young and bold Ms Mosby announce the charges of the six officers, make no mistake coming from a law enforcement family, that must have been very difficult for her to do AND she is likely to face repercussions within her own family circles for the decision her office has taken. It was at the same time distressing to read a quote from the Baltimore FOP. The officers will get their day in court and it will be determined what precisely happened. Freddie Gray doe snot get that luxury. A second statement fro the union is also troubling:

But the city's police union insisted that none of the officers was responsible for Gray's death.
"To the contrary, at all times, each of the officers diligently balanced their obligations to protect Mr. Gray and discharge their duties to protect the public," wrote Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police President Gene Ryan
I have much respect the the FOP, (their stickers are on my car), but I beg to disagree. How did they balance their obligation to protect Mr. Gray by stopping at three locations and taking him to a police station BEFORE taking him to the hospital. If they were discharging their duty to Serve and Protect Mr. Gray, I would assume they would protect his life by taking him for medical treatment immediately.

In addition, the question is how was Mr Gray at the time just prior to his arrest a danger to the public which required the police to protect him from the public? What action was he engaging in which was a danger to the public to the extent that he had to be chased, taken down, pinned down in an odd position and then hauled off in a van?

We ALL support the Cops, we CANNOT have orderly society without our hardworking cops, but they like us, must be subject to the law even though they enforce the law as well.


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