Really!? Me a Democrat!???

Below is a link to the results of a fun exercise for political junkies like myself. When I came into the Country, I was probably a 50/50 split between Republican and Democrat viewpoints. Then I became more liberal and then I became more conservative! As a friend told me the more money you earn in the US, the conservative you become!? True / False?

We all tend to support the "rich" paying higher taxes that is until we break into the bracket right? Don't worry when I get there I shall share if my viewpoints changed or not!

But the "Istandwith" quiz has me as 91% Democrat! Wow! I am stunned! See below:

Your beliefs on Healthcare, Domestic Policy, the Environment, Social, and the Economy side you mostly with Democrats. You are most concerned about Global Warming, Universal Background Checks for Gun Purchases, Wall Street Accountability, Term Limits, and National Parks.
Here are my results...
I do have or I should say DID have certain very strong conservative opinions. But I have like many had to modify my stance on the issues. I have "evolved"! For example, gay marriage. I still have trouble with this one. Let me see if I can give a quick explanation. First I believe marriage by definition is a religious terminology. It has a specific definition and that to me is the reference to the specific union between a man and a woman. PERIOD. 

Now I ALSO believe however that everyone has the RIGHT to do as they please. So if a same sex couple decides to be together for life, its their right and we ought to respect that right. Hence despite my belief on what marriage is religiously and historically, I cannot find myself supporting anything that prevents two consenting adults from being together. I have a few other issues with gay marriage but I will leave it there. 

So quite frankly, while I still have some difficulty supporting gay marriage, I am however, 101% in support of unions, call it what you like and also the fact that laws MUST be revised to recognize and respect those unions, but I understand why the gay community fights for marriage. So much of our societal law, rules and regulations are tied directly to marriage, that it will be an enormous task to wade through all government polices and alter all situations where marriage is a determining factor to make sure that same sex couples are not discriminated against. Perfect example? Well April 15th just passed, what did you file as? Married filing jointly or Married filing separate...? Now imagine how many other things need to change to add on "Civil Union"...

Finally as a proud Black African, now American man, knowing and seeing and feeling the discrimination that still exists, I cannot find myself in good conscience supporting anything that will discriminate against another law abiding citizen...

Chineke! I can write a complete epistle on this one issue. But in short, this is why despite my respect for the institution of marriage, and some conservative opinions I hold, I cannot be against same sex marriage. So on those questions of course my selections were more liberal!

One of my biggest issues with Democrats is on Unions. And again it is not black or white, if is God knows how many shades of grey!(not up to 50 though...)  I do believe unions are needed. Imagine for goodness sake you are a lowly hourly paid cleaner in ALMIGHTY Walmart, a corporation owed by the richest family in the world, how on earth can you have you small almost invisible voice heard? But it seems today's unions have forgotten whom they represent and how to best represent them.

I could see how bad DC Public Schools were and not support some form of intervention and have a Teachers Union say a BAD teacher is untouchable. A bad teacher is a bad teacher is a bad teacher and needs to be reprimanded or fired, not protected due to union agreements. So I support unions, but I think they require a lot of re-organization and re-focusing.

On many other issues, the extreme views of today's Republican party has chased me firmly and quite possibly permanently away from them. But we many times forget this was the party that fought to abolish slavery while Democrats wanted to keep it going...

We had Columbine years ago, recently we had Newport, then we had the movie theater, then Gabby Giffords gets shot, we had the shooting here in Virginia at Virginia Tech... let me just stop before I get depressed, but yet the GOP cannot even pass comprehensive background checks before you buy a gun!????? By the way something that polls say 80% of America supports? Its ludacris I tell you!

And of course there is the stark refusal to work with Obama unless it seems they are absolutely forced to do so.

Wow! look at that! I guess that survey night in deed be right I am a 91% Democrat! Grrrrrr... A bloody liberal! Ouch!


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