On Corinth, Texas

I can't cover my thoughts in 140 characters this is too important an issue for sound bites and I can't call in so here are some quick thoughts. Apologies if the thoughts are not very articulate.

Please keep in mind, I doubt there is ONE white police officer in the US today who does not know there is a problem with the African American community, likewise a African American person must be living under a rock in the furthest desert to know all is not well. Hence in this situation I am sure both sides were acutely aware of the situation yet both could have done better.

My first question: WHY? was she walking in the street with TWO sidewalks on BOTH sides of the street? Observations:

1. They could not tell she was white or black UNLESS they had passed her before.

2. She was clearly in the street and I would have also liked to know why the sidewalk was not being used.

3. SADLY wearing a hoodie still remains something that makes a person especially black people look suspicious and that is wrong.

What should have happened: Deescalation needed on both sides.

Suggestion to the Cops: Having very professionally (thank you cops) spoken to her, allowed her to take a picture of you both, PLEASE respect her age / person. If this is a 58 year old woman, she MOST likely did not look like a thug. Some simple judgement is needed here. Upon stopping a white woman of similar age I am not sure you would have asked for her name and address. BUT! I also agree NOT having an ID is a red flag. You now have her name and address, You can check that out while driving round the block AND if anything comes back wrong you can swing by and pull her over. If she did not look like she was causing anyone any trouble speak to her and leave her alone. Fair?

Suggestion to the lady and all other black people: I think a number of things might have prevented this little episode. First, I do carry my ID with me at ALL TIMES! I do find it hard to believe she was not carrying ID, that sadly is in my opinion a red flag. Especially in this day and age with all the things happening why not have an ID on hand. Always have something. Even a biz card might have sufficed, or a picture of your ID on your phone. Secondly and more importantly, walk on the sidewalk! So simply say I am sorry I was in the road, I was here for blah blah blah reason, and She is not alone in breaking the law, why the heck was she running / walking on the street? Too many people do this and I always wonder why they refuse to use the sidewalk, and yes its more uneven at times but it's there! It seems to me if she was walking on the sidewalk the confrontation would NEVER has taken place? Right?

To ALL black people, Get rid of the attitude, it might cost you your life! DO NOT have a pre built attitude when a cop stops you, its OBVIOUS she had an attitude already with some of her comments and that does not HELP the situation in ANY way. She was courteous, but still with an attitude. Even she who wants to stay alive. Even if she is in the right (and she was not). Keep yourself alive don't let an attitude cost you your life or even get your arrested, its not worth it. We all need to live to fight another day, we need to know better than be stupid and get ourselves arrested or killed.

When I listen / see these situations I always try to see if there was a way the situation might have been avoided, and in this case, possibly if she was on the sidewalk we would not be discussing this now. I mean the cops even came together for her "shot" picture! And also allowed her to take  a picture of the cruiser. They could have said no to both pictures, she would probably have protested and ended up arresting her for something flimsy, thankfully they did not.  At least she shook there hands! At the end of the video she seemed to cross over and still keep walking on the road, for a few minutes, that was an unnecessary provocation!

My conclusion here is this No one was in the wrong and both sides could have done better. The cops had a right to stop her as they have a right to stop all of us, but as noted above I think it could have been slightly better handled. the woman might have prevented this whole situation had she not been doing want many many people do and just walked where she should have been walking on the sidewalk.My takeaway however is this still shows how much work needs to be done to repair the relations between the Cops and the black community, A lot of work need to be done on BOTH sides.

NB: She should not be fired that is just plain STUPID talk! 


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