President Obama Delivers a Message to the Nigerian People

Its not too late for Nigerians to yet heed the advise from their brother from another mother from our dear USof A. I know there are those that might take an exception to the quote to keep the country one, but I do believe that country will achieve more by remaining united that becoming divided.

What Nigerians must do via this election to to ensure that we no longer make headlines due to the madness that is Boko Haram, but make headlines due to the progress that lies within each and every Nigerian.

Sadly, reports from the election have noted that already approximately 50 people have died. Now I hate to say this, but that is as of now a WELCOME relief. Considering after the 2011 elections over 1,000 people lost their lives. But how do we make sure that we STAY at no more than 50 deaths from the election?

The fear is regardless of who wins the election, tomorrow it seems, we might find that out, there might be violence in the land. It's not too late for all stakeholders in the various parts of the country to decide that no life is worth losing for sake of the election, and that also includes the armed forces to also spare the lives of Nigerians as several are most certainly going to continue to take to the streets to protest. And for those protesting, please do not forget that there are official channels to be used to launch protests. Utilize those channels and denounce violence and lawlessness.

It is important NOT to forget that the Nigerian judicial system has stepped into the electoral system and made amends reversing past irregularities. We should not forget that Governor Peter Obi of Anambra state won a court case after he "lost" the election. The same repeated itself when Dr. Kayode Fayemi also won the Ekiti state governorship via the judicial process. This is by no means ideal, but it should serve as a reminder to Nigerians that the election does not end at the ballot box and hence there is no need for extreme violence and danger to the lives and properties of everyday Nigerians just trying to make an honest living and hoping for a better Nigeria.


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