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Monday, January 26, 2015

Buhari: The Undemocratic Nigerian patriot

I have read several articles on why Nigeria needs Buhari and why he will save Nigeria. Sadly, as much as I respect the man and his accomplishments, I have serious doubts on his ability to be a good democratic leader for Nigeria.

In a nutshell, his storied history and resume contains NOTHING that points to a man who will accept compromise or reasoned disagreement to his point of view. or who can use persuasive negotiations to being about positive political change. Consider the facts, since the country returned to democracy, Buhari has been unable to stay in a party and accept NOT being the presidential candidate. 

He will  only join a party if that party accepts him being the flag bearer. When the ANPP refused to hand him the presidential ticket, after losing the election, he jumped ship and formed the CPC and lost again. Then he came to the APC and has brokered a deal that would ensure he emerged the presidential candidate. IBB contested in the PDP and lost and did not jump ship, Atiku has jumped ship so many times we can never tell where he will be tomorrow, he is probably about to jump ship back to the PDP shortly. At least he waits for the election to be over before making his next move and he accepts not being the flag bearer as he did to GEJ and now to Buhari. But  Buhari? You want him in your party? Then he MUST be the flag bearer, essentially it is his way or he highway. Not a good attribute of a democratic president. Especially of Nigeria.