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Sunday, August 19, 2012

VIDEO: Paul Ryan defended stimulus in 2002, when George W. Bush wanted it

Okay folks,

Help me understand this. How a man boldly and unashamedly makes a 100% U turn simply because he is now seeking political office, wants to get power for himself and his party at all costs. I guess the stakes are that high? High enough to lie? Chris Hayes, very well dome.

So we have Mitt Romney who was for universal healthcare, passed it in his state as governor, but suddenly Obamacare, built upon his state model is the worst thing to happen to America and now he is totally and completely against it, so much so he insists he will repeal it on day one if elected to the presidency. Dang! Just like he wrote a newspaper op-ed against the auto bailout but now he preaches that Obama did precisely what he had called for... The lying is unimaginable and unbelievable. But then here comes his running mate, Paul Ryan whom we thought was a nice honest guy, simply really conservative. Hey we can live with that can't we? 

But now, we have  Paul Ryan, who fought and argued for America to borrow money from China (that is what the deficit spending means to us laymen and women...)  in 2002 in order to provide government funded stimulus to the economy, agrees and argues that even after recovery, unemployment will lag for a while and hence more government stimulus is needed. Today he is going around the country saying that Obama's stimulus package was a failure and a bad freedom, job killing idea for America...

Okay, hold on and please click on the link to view video clip.

Well people, I doubt you can understand this, as I simply cannot. What happened to the days when you took a position, maintained the position and defended the position based on convictions and integrity? What this shows is these men do not have the interest of America at heart and cannot be trusted. They simply want to win at all costs. The goal is to defeat Obama. QED. This is becoming clearer by the day. Paul Ryan needs to explain to us how come in 2002 he believed America should borrow money from China to stimulate the economy when a Republican was in the White house and why now in 2012 when a Democrat is in the White house, it has suddenly become not just a bad idea, but a cardinal sin. This is even beyond his asking for a piece of the same stimulus he voted against and demonized under the current Democrat administration   

Oh by the way he actually does not need to explain to us, as we know. We know he is just being two faced. We know he is following the Republican party mantra to get rid of Obama at all costs, even if that includes making a total and complete U turn on what he once believed and promoted. We do not need another reporter to ask him a question on this only for him to side step the answer and say something typical like

"...Look this is Apples to Oranges... Obama is bankrupting America for our kids future, I weep anytime I go home and look at my kids faces... This administration has wasted stimulus on its friends like Solyndra... America can't keep borrowing 40 cents on the dollar from China... Obama has grown the deficit 10,000 times more that all other US presidents combined including that of the British colonialists and the Native Americans..." 

Of course the reporter will not remind him did not answer the question. Yes we know what he is going to say, so he need not explain. What those of us who have half a brain left need to do, is open our eyes to the deception and wake up. 

This is a man who clearly states in that video that government using stimulus can create jobs, look at how passionately he defends the idea on how government stimulus helps to put people back to work! Yet, today he and his new buddy Mitt Romney are crisscrossing the country demonizing Obama for saying more or less, the same precise thing, government stimulus indeed does help create jobs, private sector jobs. Yes that private business you started might have gotten some government help, directly or indirectly. Yes indeed.

As an independent when I read things like this, I really wonder how real and true Republicans can hear these things and yet decide to vote for either of these men. Obama is not free from blame, yes for example he said he would close Guantanamo Bay in a year but he has not, but on an issue like that you can appreciate, now being the president and obtaining certain confidential information he was not privy to as a candidate, adding the serious objections by so many states to host the detainees on the US mainland, why that promise was not kept. By the way he has not changed his mind, he just did not keep the promise. The point, the U turn if you want to call it one, is explainable and makes some sense. This Ryan U turn on the stimulus, makes no sense. 

Obama 2012, you had better find these clips and share this with America. This is down right ugly politics (putting it lightly). How on earth can we trust a man like Paul Ryan to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? Am I missing something here?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ghost towns in China? A country with over one billion people?

Five ghost projects of China

Imagine that.

A question on records: Obama's Vs. Mitt's

I continue to hear Mitt Romney and several Republicans and also media personalities repeat the refrain, Obama cannot or will not run on his record as he cannot win with his record. Hence his only chance of winning is to make Mitt look like the bigger evil...

I see! Indeed it might be true that Obama has not been able to get unemployment under 8% as he claimed he would do when the stimulus plan was passed. But is that the ONLY record his has?

When I listen to the campaign speeches that Obama is giving on the campaign trail, it seems to me that he very much IS running on his record! Of course he is going to point out his differences with Mitt Romney, would you not do that if you were running? However, I do not see him "running away" from his record, not even the term Obamacare!

Obama's Record 

I was pleasantly surprised while listening to an address he gave to a crowd in Colorado, he indeed used the term Obamacare! Chances are he will refer to it again. I agree that the Republicans have their talking points and also the fact does remain as I noted, that unemployment is indeed above 8%. But it seems to me I hear Obama reminding us that he does have a record he can run on some of which comprise of the following:

  • He passed the health care bill (Mitt flip flops so much on this, it makes one dizzy) 
  • The bill allows kids to remain on their parents insurance till age 26
  • Insurance companies cannot reject you due to an existing condition
  • He signed a major trade bill with South Korea
  • He prevented the American Auto industry from collapse or going bankrupt (Mitt has sadly blatantly lied on his flip flopping on this)
  • He ended don't ask don't tell and allows Gay and Lesbians to serve openly within the armed forces
  • He has created over 4 million jobs since taking office, not enough by any stretch, but job shave been created 
  • He ended the war in Iraq
  • He embraced an unpopular surge in Afghanistan something his opponent in 2008 John McCain supported
  • Without American boots on the ground he aided the removal of Qaddafi (Despite the senseless charge of leading from behind)
  • He killed Bin Laden
There are other successes he can claim, of course many will depend on your political persuasion to accept them and good or bad, even some above like the ending of don't ask don't tell. 

So despite not scoring an 'A' on his report card, he does have a report card on which he is indeed using in his campaign. I can understand the Republicans trying to distort his record and making the claim he cannot run on his record, what I do not understand is the media who fall for that false assertion. However ironically, the more the Republican say he cannot run of his record and the more he talks about his record on the campaign trail, the more he might benefit from the people embracing the record he has even if not a stellar  one and the one they had expected. 

Mitt Romney's Record

And many will ask, can Mitt Romney do any better??? I ask can Mitt run on his record? Mitt has made his time as the executive at Bain Capital AND his time leading the Olympics the center of his campaign and the record Americans should consider in deciding to send him to the While house. As you have probably seen, he never fails to remind us that "he knows how to create jobs as he has created jobs before" At times, it seems he wants us to forget that he also has a record as the Governor of Massachusetts... 

I do have to ask, why is Mitt Romney not running on his record as governor which should be the primary and core record being used to validate his qualifications to be president and why is the media giving him a pass on this? So an added question I have for Mitt Romney is, which nobody in the media seems to be able to ask is: Can you really compare the organizing AND running of the 2002 WINTER Olympics in which only 2400 people participated and took place in ONE state in ONE city in the United States, Salt Lake city, to the running of a whole country of over 300 million people and 50 different states...? 

You would have expected Mitt Romney to use as the center of his campaign his tenure as governor, but he seems to be using his time as a turn around specialist at both Bain Capital and the Winter Olympics as his record to be considered and his credentials for the White House. So far I don't buy it. 

Sometimes, I wonder if it me that just does not get it... 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Is this an expensive joke...

The report below is culled from the Thisday newspapers...

Oga Minister, don't toy with Nigerians like this, the days of professor Pella are long gone! If there is one measure to which President Goodluck Jonathan will be clearly judged come 2015 will be the issue of improvements in the power sector.

If the administration is not going to deliver on such promises, it should refrain from making such pronouncements. In addition such announcements mean NOTHING if the people do not certify the obvious and claimed gains in the power situation in their lives. So the claims being noted in this report require some forms of verification. That said, this is usually nothing to celebrate about, but in Nigeria, sadly, it is!

FG to Raise Power Output to 9,000MWMinister of Power, Bart Nnaji

By Chuks Okocha and Onyebuchi Ezigbo
A statement from the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, which detailed the achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan since his inauguration in May 2011, said government would attain the new output when it completed the 10 projects under the National Integrated Power Plants (NIPP).
It said on assumption of office, Jonathan inherited 10 abandoned projects under the NIPP and had since then revitalised the projects.
The projects, which on completion, will add additional 4960mw to the national grid are: Ihovbor in Edo State (451mw), Omotosho in Ondo State (451mw), Olorunsogo in Ogun State (750mw), Sapele in Delta State (451mw), Geregu in Kogi State (434mw), Egbema in Imo State (338mw), Gbarain in Bayelsa (225mw), Omoku in Rivers State (225mw), Calabar in Cross River State (561mw) and Alaoji in Abia State (1074mw).
“Government has improved power generation from under 3,000mw in 2011 to 4,300mw by August 2012. Therefore, when the 10 NIPP projects are fully on stream, which will be within the next few months, the total national generation capacity will not be less than 9000mw, a 200 per cent increase in generating capacity as compared with the figures for 2011 and the highest ever by any administration since independence,” the Federal Government said in the statement signed by the Media Director in the office, Mr. Olusanya Awosan.
The Federal Government Sunday raised hopes of improvement in power supply as it announced plans to raise electricity output from the current 4,300 megawatts (mw) to a record 9,000mw in “the next few months”.
The statement was in response to the criticism by former Federal Capital Territory Minister and chieftain of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, who accused the presidency of “seeking to outsource governance”.
“This administration met 10 abandoned NIPP projects and has successfully revitalised all. More importantly, they are all within the range of 95-100 per cent completion stage and are awaiting gas supply, which government has taken very concrete steps to address.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

He's only human after all, he who is without sin...

At the start of the Olympics, swimming great and legend Michael Phelps took quite a media beating when he lost his "signature race" the 400 meters to Ryan Locthe. All hell broke loose on the media. Fast forward a few days later, Phelps is once again super human and a legend. America is now used to "super humans" in all aspects of our lives.

Fareed Zakaria, has indeed created a highly respected and legendary reputation for himself as an intelligent global voice, and a highly respected journalist. Indeed what he did was inexcusable. Fareed will have to face the music as well as the consequences of his actions.

Now we all get to wait and see what his fate will be from his employers at Time Warner. My plea is for the man who did the crime to be allowed to do his time, and resume continuing his great journalistic contributions that are badly needed in today's highly polarized world.

He has been a great source of wisdom, and moderation when it comes to the affairs of the world and America. His program on CNN presents a true global perspective. There are preciously far to few voice like his in the media for him to be permanently muzzled due to a serious lapse in judgment.

The lapse in judgment and the possible punishment reminds me of a famous story in the bible, as Mary Magdalene was about to be stoned, Christ asked the mob, he who is without sin, cast the first stone. As one by one the crowd left till there was none, Christ turned to Mary and noted, now go and sin no more. Ironically, since man nor woman is perfect, we know he did not expect her to be completely perfect thereafter, but he gave her a second chance. 

What is instructive here is to note, like Phelps is not super human a hundred percent of the time, his comeback to win further gold medals is a lesson, even our super humans are not perfect and are only human after all.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What is in a name... $$$ I guess!

Initially, I said, now what!? Snoop Lion!!!? However, we have witnessed Puff daddy become P Diddy and also Prince become the symbol... right?

Consider this, despite Sean Combs / Puff Daddy becoming P Diddy,  and now "Diddy" In 2012, Forbes lists Sean Diddy Combs as the second richest African American in the United States with an estimated worth of 550 million dollars!  So before you crack up in a second round of laughter as I am sure you did as I did, take a minute to realize what is in a name might just either be a key to ultimate success or more importantly have no negative effects on success... So if you have been toying with the idea of changing your name to Jonathan Killme Doe, you should know, it could grow, on people, might take you to the next level, maybe not heaven, but on earth, make you rich without dinning with the devil...!